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Complete music production course



​This is a 12 week comprehensive live online course covering all the important aspects of music production. So hit that enroll button to take your music production game to a professional level.

DAW Used - FL Studio 


  • Produce your favorite genre of music in FL Studio 20 or later.

  • Basics of Music Theory.

  • Create Chord Progressions, Melodies, and Bassline even if you don't know how to play the Keyboard.

  • The secret of Dance Music Production and how to make memorable Hooks in your song.

  • Songwriting and Production.

  • Arrangement.

  • How the Indian Music Industry works and tips to establish your music career.

  • Vocal Recording

  • Introduction to Mixing and Mastering

  • Promotion & Market yourself & your music as a brand.

  • Overcome creative block.