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Complete music business course

₹30,000/-(limited period)

Approx 2 month offline / online course (twice a week)









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​This is one of the most important courses for an Independent Musical Artist taught by Sir Gamma in both the languages (Hindi & English). This is a 6 - 8 week comprehensive course covering all the important aspects of establishing your music business as an Independent Artist the correct way. So hit that enroll button to take your music business game to a professional level. Download the complete curriculum of Music Business Course below:


  • Introduction to Music Business

  • Importance of establishing business the right way

  • Trademarks*

  • Music Copyrights*

  • Royalties

  • Different types of royalties

  • How to claim money your music is making

  • Distribution vs Publishing

  • Music Publishing

  • Publishing administrator

  • Black box and how to avoid it

  • Money flowchart in music industry

  • Establishing your brand as a music producer

  • Free SEO techniques for your music

  • Different organizations who pay you for your music

  • PRO vs Publisher vs Distributor

  • Writer's vs publisher's share

  • What all royalties are owed to Music Producers

*Registration fees in non-refundable.

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