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Complete music business course



​This is one of the most important courses for an Independent Musical Artist. This is a 6 week comprehensive live online course covering all the important aspects of establishing music business as an Independent Artist. So hit that enroll button to take your music business game to a professional level. 

  • Introduction to Music Business

  • Importance of establishing business the right way

  • Trademarks*

  • Music Copyrights*

  • Royalties

  • Different types of royalties

  • How to claim money your music is making

  • Distribution vs Publishing

  • Music Publishing

  • Publishing administrator

  • Black box and how to avoid it

  • Money flowchart in music industry

  • Establishing your brand as a music producer

  • Free SEO techniques for your music

  • Different organizations who pay you for your music

  • PRO vs Publisher vs Distributor