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Create industry standard professional sounding songs and learn all the secrets about Music Industry and Music Business!

Learn how you can turn your music into a steady income through learning music business techniques.

If you've tried by yourself for a long time, learning from various YouTube videos, tried to recreate your famous songs' productions, but still if you are not able to achieve that professional sound, don't worry, we got you!

Personal experience of our previous students in Super 30

What You'll Learn

The whole course is based and taught on FL Studio (latest version)
No other DAW is taught in the course. Classes are conducted on Zoom meetings, two classes per week of  two hours each.

A structured approach to teach you everything there is to know about music production, audio engineering & music business and guide you towards achieving your goals!


Music Production

  • Music Theory

  • Chord Progressions, Melodies

  • Create Chord Progressions, Melodies, and Bassline even if you don't know how to play the Keyboard.

  • Vocal Editing

  • Songwriting and Production.

  • Arrangement

  • Vocal Recording

  • Overcome creative block

  • The secret of Dance Music Production and how to make memorable Hooks in your song

  • And a lot more... (7).png

Audio Engineering

  • Sound Theory (Audio signal, phase, sample rate, bit rate, etc)

  • Basic to advanced Mixing techniques

  • Vocal Processing

  • ADSR, Audio sampler settings, precomputed effects, envelopes, etc. 

  •  Sound Design & MIDI Programming

  • Different types of synthesis – AM, FM & RM 

  • EQ, compression, autotunes, reverbs, delays (stock and 3rd party plugins)

  • Advanced 3rd party plugins

  • And a lot more...



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Music Business

  • Artist name & trademarks

  • Music copyrights

  • Music distribution

  • Music Publishing

  • PRO, MRO, PPL, Publishing Administrators, etc.

  • Music Royalties in detail

  • Claim all the money your music is making

  • Beat selling guides

  • Guide to beat licensing in online beat business

  • Establishing your brand as a music producer

  • Marketing & SEO

  • And a lot more...

"A no-bullshit, results-driven learning experience to teach you everything there's to know about Music Production, Audio Engineering & Music Industry"

Instantly get to work

  • In person one to one coaching from Sir Gamma

  • Guaranteed coverage of all critical steps for success

  • Efficient progress towards your goals with a clear path to follow


Learn -> Apply -> Succeed


Learn the fundamentals of music production & audio engineering and gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Our expert instructors will share their knowledge and experience, so you can learn from the best.

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The hands-on lessons and practical exercises in our course will help you apply what you’ve learned to your own music & your music career. You’ll have the opportunity to put your newfound knowledge into action, so you can see results for yourself.

Turn knowledge into action and transform your understanding of music production & audio engineering into real results.


By actively applying what you’ve learned, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to succeed to create industry standard songs and start your career. This course will give you the confidence and skills you need to make your dream a reality. (4).png

Opportunities awaits you!

Don't get left behind!

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